• Zen Studio Star Wars Pinball released on Switch

    Zen Studios released Star Wars Pinball on Switch on September 13th. The game comes with 19 tables and has some Switch-exclusive Features:

    Check out the release trailer here:

    Taken from the product description on Nintendo's shop page:


    In addition to HD Rumble and vertical play, Star Wars Pinball boasts several new features and modes exclusive to Nintendo Switch as a standalone product:

    • Galactic Struggle: Every Star Wars Pinball player in the galaxy will choose to support the light or dark side in a perpetual online digital tug-of-war between the forces of good and evil. Which path will you choose?

    • Career Mode: Designed with short on-the-go gameplay sessions in mind, this mode challenges you to complete very specific pinball-based missions across all 19 tables.

    o Choose the path of the Jedi or the Sith as you progress through 50 career ranks.

    o Some missions involve mastering awesome Star Wars-themed mini-games that might be difficult for some players to access through regular play, such as piloting an X-wing or TIE fighter or fighting Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel.

    • Force Powers and Talents: Collect Holocron Shards during missions to unlock Force powers and talents that yield special in-game bonuses when activated, such as multipliers, slowing down time and more.

    • Cantina Jukebox: Collect the greatest tunes in the galaxy as you play each table. Once you’ve heard a song, you can listen to it any time you like in the game lobby.

    Also, challenge anyone in the galaxy through Galactic Tournaments, League Play and, of course, old-fashioned high scores achieved through Single Player mode.
    Star Wars Pinball comes at $29.99 (US) / 29.99 € (EU) and is available as digital download or retail version.
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      By the way: I'd love to spend $12 for a flip grip, but I hate spending $22 for shipping.
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