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    FX3 tournament

    It's the other way around for me, since the PC version eats up so much processing power. My laptop just can't handle it without heavy optimization.

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    Captain Caveman

    FX3 tournament

    I don't think FX3 on the PS4 requires PS+.. Pinball Arcade doesn't to play Tournaments..

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    FX3 tournament

    It is crossplay.
    Connect your PC to TV and connect your controller to PC. Then you can play on TV sitting on the coach.
    PC is much better.

    tandigab Today, 10:26 AM Go to last post

    FX3 tournament

    this sounds cool, do you need to play on a specific platform (ps4/pc/ect) or is it crossplay? might have to buckle up and pay for ps+ or whatever just

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    Had a sick game on World Poker Tour during a league match, multi cam video included

    Season 23 of the New England Pinball League just started up and I had a great first night. Didnt even bother to play my 3rd ball because i was up last

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