ReplayFX 2017: More Scores!

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Let's get right to it. Pictures:

Dialed In: The first game I aimed for, and it's such a blast to play! I sucked at it, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it! Scored 130,370 after getting one multiball out of it. "CRAZY!" is a quote I can't get out of my head.

Black Knight 2000: Harder settings, but it didn't stop me from activating King's RANSOM. 6,372,590 is the score; great for a first time on PAPA settings.

Apollo 13: Decent first game, only to realize that you can only get 13-ball by spelling BLASTOFF during normal play. I just had to collect the last two letters, and by the last game I played, I got the 13-Ball Multiball. It was absolutely insane what Sega was thinking (too bad it didn't last). 820,185,190 is the score, and I got to enter my initials for 13-ball.

NBA Fastbreak: I got to play Head-to-Head with someone! Very fun idea from Bally, especially when the Link was available. I won, obviously, with a score of 69. It stayed close for a good while, too.

Attack From Mars: I played a different AFM -- an Attack From the Back! There are two steps where you can play from behind the backbox and playing is reversed! 1,128,143,470 is the score; fun and different way to play a classic! Almost got a Super Jackpot, too.

Star Trek TNG: The first time I played it at ReplayFX, I only got a few hundred million, due to failing shots on modes. I changed my strategy a bit, went for Borg Multiball instead, and it worked! Collected a few Supers and got a few games over 1 billion. 1,284,196,490 is my score. It was at Farsight's booth, too, and I got to meet Mike and Norman there.

Doctor Who: I expected to do worse on this than TPA, but it's really not that bad, since recovery is more forgiving than TPA. I went for multiball after trying for Video Mode and Loops (both failed), and I managed a 200M Emperor Dalek Jackpot. That made the bulk of my score of 500,030,510, good for #4. Could've been more if I made one more shot for Davros Jackpot 1, but I'm happy.

Target Alpha: An altered version of El Dorado, except with an end of ball bonus. 57,580 is the score, but I'll improve on that.

World Cup '94: Man, this one is fun. My first score is 513,328,990 after several Ultra modes from goals, but got a lower score even with multiple Jackpots during the Final Draw multiball. Still exciting.

Bram Stoker's Dracula: At the very least, I was more accurate on shotmaking than the first year I did this game. Video Modes and Mist Multiball (Coffin, too, but no Jackpots) got me 179,081,200 points, which I feel happy with for now.

RoadShow: Spring Break and Multiball were the heavy hitters, even though it was a short game. 2 Jackpots from multiball at a near-maxed(?) value got me a score of 571,905,210.

Firepower: @shutyertrap will like this one. This one is brutally set up so that the Kickback is lit when a Lock lights up (or the Power targets). I played a few multiplayer games, but finally managed to get Multiball. Twice. And it was worth it; 875,410 is the score, and currently the top score of that machine.

Solar Fire: Back from the TX-Sector in the Disco Pinball Dimension! (which I didn't play, but referenced anyway from Classic Game Room.) It felt similar to Grand Lizard, but just wanted to have a quick play just to have the awesome factor by Mark. 557,370.

High Roller Casino: Big improvement over last year, with 2 Slot Machine Multiball activations and a 1-2 good balls. 258,022,880 at a Pinburgh bank.

Revenge From Mars: Pinburgh-set, but I figured out the shots and found this very fun to play. Finished the Orange set of modes and was about halfway through the Green set. 150,870,400 with 3 of the 9 Saucer lights lit.

Space Station: Much better than the last time, getting into Multiball more. Also had huge Stop N Score collects and bonus counts as well, and definitely contributed to the total. 4,350,630 takes #1 on the machine I played. Pinburgh-set, too.

Banzai Run: Played with Dead_Flip and fencingbowler, with Me_Etc on the sidelines. All 3 balls I started with a Super Cycle Stunt, and got to Multiball with an Instant Rematch. Rank 1 was not as easy this time, but I got it after 3-4 attempts on the 2nd try. 3-4 Victory Laps on an epic game. 5,128,280 makes this the #1 score on the machine I played on.

Honorable Mentions:

Twilight Zone: Got close to 200,000,000. Despite this, it's very satisfying hearing that loud Jackpot and defeating the Power.

Addams Family: "NOW YOU'VE DONE IT!" Slightly less than 100 million this time around.

FunHouse: Finally got Rudy to eat the ball, start Multiball, and get a Jackpot. Same machine Robert Gagno got 61 million on.

Last Action Hero: Started several modes, but got nowhere on Multiball. ~150,000,000 is my estimated score.

Jurassic Park: Got to start several modes and 6-ball CHAOS Multiball! Very neat, especially with the Smart Missile to help me activate it. ~180,000,000 is my estimated score.

Judge Dredd: Around the same as last time, but I still enjoyed the modes and Multiball. 107,814,120 on a Pinburgh-set game.

Party Zone: Lightning flippers, but I did better than before. 23,394,730 on a Pinburgh-set game.

Cirqus Voltaire: Definitely did better than the first time around; got to Razz multiball, but didn't get any other multiball modes started. 16,734,120

Demolition Man: Disabled Cryo-Claw on a Pinburgh bank. Super Jackpots are very satisfying, and managed a moonwalk from a right ramp shot while starting Fortress Multiball.

Medieval Madness: Remake. The upper left orbit gate wasn't properly functioning, but I had fun with it anyway. ~22,000,000

Big Buck Hunter Pro: Finally, a working game! Didn't score as high as the one near home, but I definitely had more fun with it.

Sorcerer: Didn't get higher than 400,000 due to how difficult the outlane areas were set. No posts to help me save the ball made this an easy game to drain. At least I got to multiball once or twice.

Paragon: Brutal, as usual. Didn't get to play much out of it, because a spot was available for Big Buck Hunter.

Terminator 3: To be honest, it was an ok table. The RPG game on the backglass was fun, and I got into multiball at least once. Couldn't really figure out the scoring though, and I wanted to play High Roller Casino a few machines to the left of T3.

I attended Farsight's seminar (Norman talked all the way through, with Mike helping out). He talked about several things, including Ghostbusters (weeks?), maybe Capcom tables, TPA/SPA on Switch (DX11 lighting), VR (not until 3 years after exclusivity deal, IIRC), and, surprisingly, no flak on Firepower II from anyone in the audience! He was preparing to rant hard about it (and yeah, FP2 isn't at ReplayFX. I have to play one now.) There were also mentions of table retuning, emulation of Gorgar and Firepower, and handling of Stern Pinball code. Overall, very informative. I know someone's wanting to talk to me more about this! Looking at you, Blahcade.

I met several friends from Twitch and the PAPA staff, including Buffalo Pinball, McSirTuna, RudySoup, Timballs, Ozric, Steven Bowden, Project Pinball, and Bowen Kerins. I also got to meet Jack Guarnieri, founder of JJP! It was an absolute blast, and I'm looking forward to Pinburgh next year. Hopefully.

Broken/Turned off/Others playing/Unavailable:

Black Knight
Creature From the Black Lagoon
Fish Tales
Getaway: High Speed II
Haunted House
Iron Man
Metallica Pro

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    Nice report.
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    Very nice report. Hopefully next year I can go.