Pinburgh 2018 - A Tragedy

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Right when the tickets became available in February, I got in the waitlist as soon as it became available. Started in the mid-high 50's, and climbed through as time passed. Midway through July, I finally managed to purchase my ticket for Pinburgh 2018, and officially make it into the player list. I didn't have to get my event tickets until it gets closer to the event, so I waited until about a week's time before the tournament started to get them.

We were pretty much all set, excitement through the roof and all, since this was going to be my first tournament. Was. Sunday night (the week of Pinburgh) came around and I struggled to sleep, as if something wasn't right. The next night, I learned a terrible truth -- my father passed away. I was utterly devastated. What was supposed to be an exciting time quickly turned into a time of mourning and grief. I had trouble sleeping most of the week as well. Had to change my priorities too, so I could spend more time with family. I did get to go play on Saturday night, but I'll save that for another post and time.

To my late father: I love you, and I miss you already. May you rest and be with the Lord in Heaven eternally.

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  1. Heretic's Avatar
    Sorry to hear abiut your loss man keep yourself and your family safe, keep the chin up
  2. Blkthorne's Avatar
    Sorry for your loss, hopefully family and friends and your memories of your dad can carry you forward to better days.
  3. Nightwing's Avatar
    Very sorry for your loss,Wiz.
  4. Crazy Newt's Avatar
    I'm ashamed of myself for not replying before now. I'm so sorry for your loss.