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It's been a while since the unfortunate implications about Pinburgh. I've long since been better about this situation, and recently I've been able to travel a whole lot more, especially to places that I've never even visited. Since December, I've now been in all 4 corners of the nation since my life began. Without further ado:

Thanksgiving: Went up to Columbus to visit with family and have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. During Black Friday, we toured around the Columbus downtown area, and man, what a spectacle that is. After that, we went to Level One Arcade and Pins Mechanical (Dublin) to finish the night.

Fish Tales: Brutal. The ball bounced off the left post upon plunge, making Fast Casts basically impossible. ~24.6 million.

Medieval Madness: Gate to Merlin's Magic was missing, and tournament mode was enabled, making use of no extra balls. 46,592,020 was my best game that night.

Tales of the Arabian Nights: Audio was blasting, but that just made the game VERY enjoyable. Bazaar awards not randomized. 26,163,970 was my best game, with a failed Genie Battle. Not as easy as in Pinball Arcade, huh?

The Getaway: High Speed II: Well now I know the back to back Video Mode can happen on any machine. No Red Line, but I had a good time playing it. 157,769,420 was my best game that night. Tournament Mode.

Banzai Run: Got as far as multiball. Flippers felt weird, can't aim for the upper saucer.

Next up was Pins Mechanical:

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! As soon as I saw it, I thought I'd give this a go. And boy, was it a fun one. Barely got a replay on the first game, but I did REALLY well on the 2nd. 36,911,800 was my best score, giving it a #2 spot on the scoreboard (do people even KNOW the rules to this?!).

Ghostbusters Pro: As if I'm ever going to top my best scores. Fortunately all the pinball machines were set at 50 cents.

Iron Maiden Pro: YES. That design is such a big win for Stern and Keith Elwin, and it seemed as if I got a hang of the flow very quickly. 191,516,380 was my best game on this.

Deadpool Pro: Again, YES. That cross-ramp shot is just so neat to shoot for, and the fights can be very satisfying to finish. 192,906,960 was my best game on this machine -- the 3rd ball hopped onto the left plastic and drained down the left outlane.

Star Wars Pro: The flipper angles are incredibly weird on this one. I probably should learn a bit more about this game. 237,060,190.

AC/DC Premium: Broken slingshots, making this game a little bit easier to deal with. 37,495,990 was my score, but I'm still looking to improve on this.

Right after final exams finished, I flew to Oregon the weekend of the 14th and visited with family over there. Needless to say, I went to play pinball over at the Coin Jam.

Attack From Mars: Remake version. Bumpers weren't working, making Rule the Universe basically impossible.

Medieval Madness: Drawbridge eventually got busted, since it got stuck on the left metal piece. Had a good time regardless -- 62,785,800 was my best game on it. Too many free games!

Addams Family: No high score, but I had a great time with it regardless.

Iron Man: Vault edition. 12,745,030 on the first game, but then I managed to get a ball stuck on top of the Whiplash targets. Because of that, I had a free shot at...

Batman 66. And boy, was THAT a treat to play. The 2nd game that I played was my best -- had a few great balls and had about 400M come from bonus in total. 1,953,889,700 ended up being my best game on this machine.

Finally, but very recently, I went over to AGDQ held in Rockville, Maryland. I had the opportunity to meet many new people, and there was also an arcade there with a pinball machine.

The Shadow: What a TOUGH game to master! I think I was the only one who really set top scores on that machine. I eventually did reach the Final Battle a few times, and ended up with a best game of 1,546,416,050. That 2-way combo around the loops was especially satisfying.

Tempest: Thanks to Skill Step and more lives to work with at the start, I managed a score of 336,158 at Level 40. The spinner controls were much better than the one I played at ReplayFX.

....wait, why am I suddenly live at 5 AM Friday?

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  1. Crazy Newt's Avatar
    Maybe it would make more sense to post where you haven't been or what you haven't played.

    That itinerary sounds like an absolute blast. Glad to read about you having some fun and enjoyment.