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My league high-scores

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These are the highest scores I have obtained during league play on real machines.

All are set to 4-ball play (5 ball in the case of EMs, 3 ball on R&B(!?)) and extra balls are off.

Addams Family 43,014,880
Alien Poker 868,340
Attack From Mars 4,715,532,270
Avengers 3,405,480
Banzai Run 777,490
Black Knight 2000 769,290
Black Rose 29,200,000
Centaur 1,377,430
Cirqus Voltaire 17,031,130
Creature 125,838,690
Cow Poke 1,940
Defender 1,065,710
Demolition Man 986,725,100
Dr. Dude 711,700
Elvis 13,777,740
F-14 Tomcat 1,330,900
Fish Tales 58,640,830
Flash 104,270
Fun House 3,479,350
Getaway HS2 56,888,930
Hurricane 13,047,250
Indy 500 254,912,920
Jack in the Box 27,060
Johnny Mnemonic 432,077,510
Joker Poker (SS Version) 92,840
Jungle Lord 381,410
Junkyard 10,406,450
Medieval Madness 34,698,140
Monster Bash 46,556,690
NBA Fastbreak 68
No Good Gofers 5,785,280
Party Zone 4,653,460
Pirates of the Caribbean 4,198,050
Road Show 679,339,820
Rocky & Bullwinkle 121,963,640
Shadow 448,087,040
Sing Along 1,776
Spider-Man 47,569,460
ST:TNG 883,487,570
Tales of the Arabian Nights 4,278,110
Taxi 1,639,030
Theatre of Magic 696,702,580
Tron 17,863,840
Twilight Zone 60,958,410
White Water 166,523,820
Wizard of Oz 15,437
WWF: Royal Rumble 281,325,260

Updated 05-28-2014 at 01:49 AM by Carl Spiby

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  1. Sean DonCarlos's Avatar
    Not bad, not bad! But why does your league use 4 balls? Why not 3 or 5, both of which are more "standard" numbers of balls to play.
  2. Carl Spiby's Avatar
    I'm not entirely sure, its been going for a few years and to my knowledge its always been like this.

    I'm a bit disappointed with some of these scores when my practice games immediately before, or after are many times better!
  3. Sean DonCarlos's Avatar
    Heh heh, I bet. I've gone from a 32M game of TZ in league to a 830M game with LITZ an hour later. The pinball gods are capricious...
  4. smbhax's Avatar
    OOh WoZ! : o
  5. Carl Spiby's Avatar
    Added yesterdays meet and updated high scores in bold where applicable.
  6. kimkom's Avatar
    Thanks for the pointers today, Carl.

    43M on Addams? You are letting yourself down a bit there!

    I've looked into the league and to be honest I think the traveling would be a bit much for me in the Northern League.

    We are planning on going down to the UK Pinball Party this year, so I'm looking forward to that. Perhaps I'll get more info there.
  7. Carl Spiby's Avatar
    Added my final league meet of the season, bit of a disappointing game on HS2 and Elvis.