Sorry for the delay folks, screaming back pain kept me from even sitting at the computer on Monday. Here's how things shook out with A New Hope:

1. XAF//SMerrell>> 394 million
2. TritiumLUPsClub 283 million
3. Pinballwiz45b 199 million
4. Hiob1971 76 million
5. NimbleLee 64 million

So this week I'm well aware you all are gonna want to be playing the new Williams tables, so I set this tournament to a single entry so you can get back to playing what you wanted to anyway! Continuing with our run of Star Wars tables, it's The Empire Strikes Back and you can use whatever upgrades you'd like, but again you only get one shot at this. Good luck!

On a side note, I'm starting to see a bunch of your names hosting tournaments. I encourage everyone to join in when you spot them! And to those hosting, feel free to use the sub thread to draw attention to it like Pinballwiz45b has started doing.