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I haven't played the digital original tables as much as I've played the recreations, but from what I have played of the Remakes, they seem pretty good. If you're the type of person who normally doesn't like digital only tables, they probably won't win you over, but if you do enjoy digital designs you'll probably enjoy them. In my opinion the Remakes are better than the Reward tables and the Retros (I don't care for most of the Retros).

Some of them are pretty grounded and closer to real pf layouts, whereas some of them are a bit more wacky and busy and definitely lean more towards digital. So there's a good mix of both ends of the spectrum. Combat would be an example of a more grounded table vs. Hot Wheels as one they took more liberties with. Some of them even take cues directly from the real Zaccaria tables, such as Magic Castle Remake using the lower pf design of Clown.

They all have basic DMD-style score displays, some sound effects and voice callouts added to them to give them a bit more personality, although it's all pretty basic stuff. The DMD just displays score and the callouts are all pretty much the same on every table, just with different voice actors. My biggest complaint with the Remakes is probably the lighting, specifically the fact that they recycle the same generic looking pf insert lights on every table. It just looks cheap. But that's a pretty minor issue.
Thank you for the response. I am currently going through each of the remake tables and trying the demo out for each. I'll likely just plump for a few tables and buy them individually or just pull the trigger on one of the Remake Table Packs for £13.49.

Another question: Has anyone experienced the game closing down on them suddenly and getting the black error screen with white writing, telling you the software has had to close unexpectedly due to an error? I seem to be getting this crash quite regularly which is worrying. I have archived and then re-downloaded the game and hope this remedies the situation. If it helps, the crash seems to occur when the achievement pop-ups occur or when loading the leaderboards. Be reassuring to hear if anyone else has experienced this 'bug'? and whether the devs of ZACCARIA on Switch are aware of it? Or of it is an emerging issue with my Day 1 launch model Switch.