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So I usually tried to launch from halfway down the last yellow marker. However, the analogue sticks on the PS4 controller make this much harder. I would recommend using a mouse if you're on PC because then you can just pull back and let go of the mouse button for a consistent release. With the analogue stick, even if you pull back the plunger to the desired release point, letting go of the analogue stick with a clean release is almost impossible. This means that most releases either end up pulling the plunger back further for too much power, or add drag which takes away power. Therefore, I believe earning this goal on console or with a controller is even harder than using a mouse and keyboard.

Oh, and I'm still irritated that there is no way to explore these tables from various angles like in real life, so I still have no idea what the actual mechanics are of the skill shot gap...
It's not about the analogue stick. If you set the plunger to a positition then pause game then release stick then continue the game. The strength of the shot will be always different. No consistency. You can use this method in Cyclone skill shot. Set the plunger the same pixel the ball will go to the same hole always, so you can make the 500k skill shot with the 5th ball easily. Banzai run is random.

I played BR on PC with PS4 controller. Skill shot is not that hard as it is on PS4. Not that much inconsistency. So skill shot is easier on PC.
The most consistency is on the real BR machine. I played a real BR in the Pinball Museum in Budapest a month ago. Skill shot was very easy.
The whole game play was easier than TPA except for the vertical part. That was very quick.