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Thread: Score a 495K Bonus & Earn the Outlane Special

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    Score a 495K Bonus & Earn the Outlane Special

    I found it difficult to increase the multiplier on this table because I couldn't hit the right orbit with any consistency. I start each game by draining the first two balls in order to give myself 3 easy shots at the upper rollovers from launch. The bonus has to be earned on one ball anyway so it really has no disadvantages to do that when going for this wizard goal. With a bit of luck you an increase the multiplier by 1 by the start of your third ball! After that I tried to lock a ball to get another free launch and then went for light shots at the left orbit. If the shot is light enough it will also stop over the rollovers.

    You'll notice it only took about 5 minutes to max out the bonus and then I decided to try to light the outlane special since I had already hit the FIREPOWER targets several times. I had a really hard time hitting that lower right target intentionally, not sure why. I also played around a bit trying to drain the ball in the lit outlane before I had a "duh" moment and then just shot the ball straight up the inlane and then nudged it to the lit outlane.

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    Well played!
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