Didn't think to look here for discussion of the Android version. I started playing on January 29th and have reached Level 23, despite my objections to the awful mobile price model I've been enjoying the core gameplay more than I anticipated.

Interesting to read some of the commentary regarding lack of flipper response, I frequently drain off the left flipper but thought that was due to user input, perhaps there's more to it. I keep hearing a short error sound whilst playing but I can't determine what it means. It's definitely not a tilt warning but could be multiball related, any ideas?

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Thanks @jaredmorgs. I followed your advice & now showing with my edited GooglePlay name: ANDYDR1VER
So thanks for that
Ahh that's a familiar League name - I was starting to think those were randomly generated (who's PinballTec?). I suspect the 'opponents' and target scores are entirely virtual as they don't appear to correlate with the table. What rewards does League Mode pay out when a Season concludes, surely it has to be substantially greater than the player's original ticket investment?

First I've heard about an eSports edition, is that only available on Apple devices?