I'm going to concede this point...I would like to know the schedule in loose terms. I've even expressed that to Zen prior to this latest volley of comments. And when I say loose, I mean not dates to ink in on my calendar but something I can pencil in and erase if need be.

Now, let's talk about why the Star Wars on Switch announcement is the exception to the rule in terms of hype.

Star Wars Celebration Chicago was in May. Was there not a more perfect place to make the announcement? I don't know the reasons for the September release, whether that was a Zen call or a Lucasfilm decision or what. It might even relate to there being an actual physical release and the ramp up time it takes to make such things. I just know you don't pass up the golden opportunity that was SWCC, where Stern had a booth nearby yet Zen wound up having the larger crowds (or so I've been told). The first trailer for Rise of Skywalker debuted that same weekend, and you know the hype train for the movie is probably going to start back up around September too. I think Zen is just riding a wave they didn't have to create themselves.

Meanwhile, let's say you got a hint about a table from Volume 5 now (for the sake of argument, call it NGG), but due to scheduling of Star Wars and then the proposed licensed Halloween release, it won't come out till late November. You really gonna be stoked to know it's No Good Gofers 4 months in advance? FarSight said they were working on a new table, that someone was doing art on a female head of hair, and that was how many months ago? Does anyone even care at this point? People were cool talking about it for a few weeks and then it just turned ugly with comments. You mention that White Water animation, and that got released and then literally a week later came the announcement. Expect more of the same.

I'm trying to line up another interview with Mel regarding the Star Wars release. If I get that, I'll do my best to get him to spill something regarding the other stuff that I can actually put on air without the gag order.