Considering the Classic Arcade physics to date, from my understanding (and the tables I have played);

- Vol 1 - 2 has the same physics. Flipper tricks are very inconsistent and tip passes are missing. The Party Zone has completely different physics with e.g. the nudging way too strong and the ball speed slowed down. Black Rose is apparently the same as The Party Zone but I haven't played it yet.

- Vol 3 has similar physics, but they slowed the ball speed down. Flipper tricks, especially on Theatre of Magic, is much easier to do, but still not all that consistent. Still can't do tip passes.

- Vol 4, they introduced rubber and movement to the flippers so especially tip passes became possible, and deadflipper bounces are more realistic. Flipper tricks are still not that consistent to pull off, so not really useful in practice to use in a game.

- Universal Monsters - they refined the Vol 4 flipper physics, slowed the ball down considerably, and the ball is now more weighted (after a demonstration by Spacies arcade comparing a marble to Vol 4 ball physics). Flipper tricks are much more consistent now, backhand shots are possible, and tip passes works well so I'm using it a whole lot more in my gameplay.

I feel they slowed the ball down a little bit too much in Universal Monsters, but the rest of the physics feels amazing. It is still tough to play, but you lost that feeling of never being fully in control of the ball that you had with especially Vol 1 - 2 on tables such as Medieval Madness and Attack from Mars. Looking at real table footage e.g. the PAPA tutorials, that is what I expect it to be like.

Zen indicated that they will at some point update the physics in the previous volumes but they need to test it some more and it will be accompanied by archiving the existing leaderboards and starting new leaderboards. I personally feel that they are first going to refine it with future packs until they feel they have it spot on before they'll implement it in the previous volumes because it make sense that they'll only want to do it once. They might feel they have it spot on now with the Universal Monsters physics. I'd like them to increase the ball speed a bit back to say Vol 3 levels but other than that it feels great.

How do you feel about it? For the guys that have the opportunity to play and compare to real tables, which Volume / Pack and / or which aspects feel similar? What would you like Zen to change/tweak about the flipper physics / ball physics and weight?