I run TPA on an older iPad Air and gameplay is very smooth, with only occasional slowdowns or glitches. I assume this is because I often have many apps open in the background. Overall, it's as smooth as butter.

However, FX3 has a lot of frame rate judder. It plays relatively smoothly, but the ball doesn't appear clearly: the refresh rate is quite slow, so the ball still moves quickly, but doesn't remove previous frames of the ball quickly at all.

I can see the appeal of FX3: the light and dark transitions add a little bit of a sense of 3 dimensionality, and there is a bit of extra detail, for example the ramps on red and ted show details of the mini wooden planks. The ball plays heavier as well, which is fun.

I'm happy to try again with FX3, but don't want frame rate or GPU problems on my next tablet.

FX3 works quite well on the laptop however. I'm looking for a controller with fast reaction time. The split second delay in activating keyboard switches makes it pretty much impossible to time shots accurately.