So another episode of The Pinball Show came out today and Zen released a whole bunch of news:

* NO MORE TABLE PACKS - That’s right. Now you will be able to buy just the tables you want. But they did say you will be able to make your own bundles too at least on some things which is interesting.

* OPTIONAL SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE - People will have the option to have a monthly subscription to play tables if they want, though some tables would not be part of this due to licensing issues.

* BUY THROUGH PINBALL FX - Instead of having to buy through a store’s page, you will be able to buy right from within the Pinball FX game itself.

* LONG GAMEPLAY LOOK OF INDY Was nice to see this table in action. It looks great.

In addition they also showed the final update before release of the Noir table (which looks fantastic!), showed the game room of Pinball FX itself, and announced they now have an official presense on reddit.

Link to The Pinball Show episode: