So, first off it was interesting that they had an episode of The Pinball Show this week, as that is totally off schedule which is usually right at the end of the month, and only a few weeks after the last episode they had. I can only assume this was some sort of damage control since much of it was spent on explaining the ticket system and saying they are open to making changes on things when issues arise. You could kind of see it in Mel, face. It kind of looked like a hostage

But, the good news is that they are coughing up some more info on their roadmap which is much appreciated. Next week will be a new Virus Z table, then May and June will both see Williams table releases, including a new one. Exciting news for a change.

So, what do you think it will be? They said they would announce it in the next episode of The Pinball Show, so you’ve got until then to submit your guesses!