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Thread: Multiball-Glitch on every Table and Black-Hole-Glitch

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    Multiball-Glitch on every Table and Black-Hole-Glitch

    Hello all,

    I don't know if this were mentioned already, but I have found two annyoing glitches in the PS3-version of Pinball Arcade. I don't know if these things exist on the other platforms. Sorry for my possibly poor english, because it's not my native language.

    The first one I want to show you happens on the Black Hole-table. When you play in the lower level of this table and the ball goes through boths flippers and then rolls under the left flipper, you can shoot the ball back to the playfield. Look at this video, it shows the problem in realtime and 0.5x (sorry for the poor quality):

    The second glitch exists on every table and I think it's a problem of the physics-engine itself. It's a multiballglitch. When you shoot a ball at high speed against another one, they do not visually hit each other, but the physics behave like that. Another video shows this problem on the Monster Bash-table:

    For reasons of better noticeability, the video slows down to 0.25x of realtime.

    Thank you FarSight for this amazing pinball game. I love this game really much. For me, the game is nearly "perfect" when this two issues were fixed. I hope they will. Oh, this is version 1.03 of Pinball Arcade I think 'cause I'm in the european psn-store and I don't know if this is fixed in a newer version (e.g. 2.0.3).


    The PinballWizard

    EDIT: oh sorry, I didn't see the "PS3 Europe Version 1.03 Bugs & Feedback"-thread -.-
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    I would *guess* that ball collision issue is the same thing behind "flipper lag"--the physics update rate or feedback or whatever just seems to lag a frame or two behind.

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