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Thread: Ball plunge bug

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    Ball plunge bug

    If the ball is launched to exactly hit the metal gate at the end of the plunge lane, the ball will jump through the gate onto the playfield but both flippers are inactive (the game has not stated).

    Repeatability is 100% once you get the exact plunge required, (on Galaxy Tab and Nexus 10 this can be done by pulling the plunger back until the end of the spring is roughly aligned with the grey outline of the plunger surround).

    The 'jump' is the same kind of jump you get when a slow moving ball approaches a table feature such as the very noticeable one on the MM catapult.

    If the ball just makes it through the gate naturally without the jump, all is well.

    It seems like the game still thinks the ball is in the plunge lane even though the jump has pulled it onto the playfield.

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    Yep I had this happen yesterday. It's like there is an accelerator magnet under the wireform gate, the ball speeds up so much.

    The jump you are referring to also happens on Black Hole near the roll-over shooter lanes. I reported it aaaaages ago, but no one really seemed to care about the behavior of the gates back then.

    In the case of Black Hole, and other affected tables, it makes precise skill shots very hard to execute.

    It only seems to happen on the wireform gates, not the spring metal flap gates. So there must be something wrong with the collision mesh on these gates globally.
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