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  1. The Power Returns...

    It's been nearly four years. It's time the Power comes back for another round.

    More tales of victory, vengeance, and woe from league play (once league starts up again on 9/12); more machine photography; and more real pinball in general. Less musings on moderation (I don't do much of that anymore) and software development (ditto).

    For those of the auditory persuasion, I should be showing up more on BlahCade, too. Although with the advent of the PAPA.tv Live and their ...
  2. Not Yet Ready to Go On the Cart [NP]

    For the record, I'm not dead, nor did I abandon the forum. But I did need to take a short break to focus on family and business matters. I'm back now, and look forward to resuming regular posting soon.

    Bug service for the Master Issues Lists should also resume soon; I put BSD's up today.
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  3. Still More Recommended TPA Tables for Beginners and Beyond (DLC Packs 15 - 18)

  4. Ashes to Ashes

    In many of my previous posts, I've mentioned the Third Rail Bar & Grill in Pacific, MO. The Third Rail hosted the league I've played in for a couple of seasons now, had the most immaculately-maintained collection of new Stern LE machines I've ever seen or heard tell of, and was kind of your unpretentious small-town bar, except it did better food and drinks than most. I've always encouraged anyone in the area or even visiting to stop by.

    I'm afraid you'll no longer be able to do ...
  5. Tooth, Nail and Claw

    It took quite a struggle, and missing 2 weeks of league play (and 3 weeks beforehand when I couldn't practice) didn't help, and it involved some of the ugliest games of pinball I've ever had the misfortune to play...but I have managed to hold on to the last rung of the Division A ladder this season and not fall back into Division B.

    Personal league high scores from this season, for those who are interested. Note that most of them aren't all that high:

    Third Rail - Fall ...
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