I have been playing a few of the remakes recently. I like the legitimate look and literal remake of the table as a real table with a similar theme. Was playing Devil's Rider (simulation mode), however, and the table is just too forgiving. Just playing the table for the first time (I typically do well the first few times I play a table and have no clue what I'm doing), and the kickbacks and ball saves just keep coming. I'm nearing the top 10 for the Switch (not a big accomplishment) on my first ball and am already getting bored. Then I lose the timing, but manage to keep the ball going, and then get back on stride. I was mentally done playing this table after the first ball finally drains. Extra ball 1 and then balls 2 and 3 drain relatively quickly.

The forgiving part is nice at first, but after a while, it becomes a grind.