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Thread: Do you think Zen or Farsight will do newer tables?

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    Do you think Zen or Farsight will do newer tables?

    After playing iron maiden legacy of the beast and black Knight sword of rage, I have to admit I really dig the new screens even more than the EM, Alphanumeric and DMD's. But that comes with a problem.

    The 4th generation scoreboards are not only full color and about the size of a Kindle, but would probably require a massive amount of programming to make a reality. Given how much fun the aforementioned tables are, I wonder if either company would see fit to make this happen or whether they would just decide it wasn't worth the risk. Also fitting it on a single screen like the companies do may be difficult with such gorgeous animations.

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    FarSight didn't seem too worried about the screens of newer Sterns (but then they also haven't done any yet), as they said is essentially video with a score overlay. The size is reminiscent of Frankenstein, and in landscape mode wouldn't pose a problem. Zen has that View 8 with the DMD showing also, so I imagine that would be the go to view on mobile so that the playfield isn't covered up too much. Zen is better setup for handling the processing power needed, as their engine is newer and clearly more efficient.

    The biggest issue for FarSight would be affording the licenses associated with those tables. Who knows, maybe this mystery table they are working on will have one of these screens and then we'll know the answer.
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