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  1. PS Vita: First Impressions
  2. Black Hole Bug
  3. Whats your favorite table?
  4. What changes do you want in updates and patches?
  5. Do you do the horizantal?
  6. Request Avatars please !!!
  7. Request 6 axis nudge control
  8. TPA for PSVITA, a recommended buy?
  9. PS Vita - Bug Tilt-Option Not Unlocking
  10. PS Vita - Bug Free Play on Ball Lock
  11. PSP Gottlieb Collection Working On PS Vita ?
  12. Request May / June DLC
  13. Is Sony supporting TPA as well as it should?
  14. UPDATE for PSVITA is ouy now! Patch 1.01
  15. Screwed up tables with the new update?
  16. The new tables are up on the Vita.
  17. PS Vita - Request No trophies for DLC packs?
  18. Where are my friends on the leaderboard?
  19. Tpa & cta - the perfect marriage for the ps vita
  20. PS Vita - Request Cyclone
  21. VIta owners ~ so who's psyched for June 26th ?
  22. PS Vita - Bug Medieval Madness Framerate Problems
  23. Request Better portrait mode for Vita
  24. New DLC Doesn't Show Up on Vita
  25. Bugs, Glitches, and General Issues [PS VITA]
  26. I just want to go on record...
  27. PS3 version VS. Vita version
  28. Bug Circus Voltaire ~PS Vita system freeze
  29. PS Vita - Bug [BUG] - BoP portrait mode - Multiball - couldn't plunge ball
  30. PS Vita Pinball friends wanted.
  31. All standard and wizard goals on all tables club!!!!!!!
  32. Any patch info anywhere?
  33. Congratulations to Pinball Arcade top 10 Vita game download
  34. Bug Game goes into attract mode loop, cant start a new game
  35. GamesCom confirms Firmware 1.80 due Aug. 28th
  36. When does the first dlc on the ps store vita European?
  37. info: Vita DLC pack 1-4 trophies are now up
  38. Borrowed a friend's Vita; how do I sign him out?
  39. Vita firmware 1.80 is live
  40. Update is live 4-9-2012
  41. Delete save for working Trophy support?
  42. PS Vita - Request What's the hold-up?
  43. creature from the black lagoon and Black Knight is Out! 25-09-12
  44. Flipper Lag Now On The Vita!!!
  45. Cross-Platform DLC
  46. Problems in Medieval Madness framerate PS Vita
  47. PS Vita - Bug Cannot Install DLC on Vita
  48. nudging using back touch screen
  49. PS Vita - Bug Can't connect to online leaderboards with the latest EU version for Ps Vita
  50. 125 Mb Update Released
  51. Bug Elvira and the Party Monsters
  52. what do you think about table pack 5?
  53. Two minor glitches
  54. PS Vita - Bug Harley-Davidson:Plunger button displayed on Vita screen in Portrait mode
  55. Vita Dreams
  56. So no patch/update for the Vita yet.
  57. Vita version not loading
  58. Has anyone received their kickstarter code yet?
  59. Laggy game since Twilight Zone update?
  60. Codes a-Plenty!
  61. Bug Game resets to player 2 after end of game
  62. Twilight Zone for the Vita has terrible graphics.
  63. For Everyone : RATE The Best/Worst TPA tables poll
  64. Poll: For Everyone : RATE Worst TPA tables on PS Vita pt.2
  65. For Everyone : RATE Worst TPA tables on PS Vita pt.3
  66. Poll: For Everyone : RATE Worst TPA tables on PS Vita pt.4
  67. For Everyone : RATE Worst TPA tables on PS Vita pt.5
  68. Theater of magic wizard goals
  69. Request Since they cant do decent PS Vita tables for DLC
  70. TOTAN and MM pro tables for the Vita
  71. Patched today
  72. So how did Star Trek turn out?
  73. 1.10 patch just snuck in , no not the Tuesday patch 1.09 another one !
  74. star trek and eyeball custom balls?
  75. The usual "How bad did the new tables turn out?"
  76. two questions
  77. Dr. Dude slow play issue
  78. VERY FIRST game of Firepower glitched out on me.
  79. Trophy issue on Cactus Canyon
  80. Cactus Canyon table pack froze my PSvita
  81. Farsight working to get patches to Sony versions?
  82. manage tables update?
  83. Grayed out options, missing tables?
  84. Season Pass for the EU region?
  85. Vita - upgrade for PA came though...cannot see friends scores
  86. Funhouse Skillshot on Vita
  87. pack trouble buying the second season of pinball arcade
  88. Pro Value
  89. What tables did you buy this week..??
  90. update v 1.15 problem
  91. Should I buy a Vita?
  92. When are the latest updates coming out
  93. Bug eyeball custom ball available for purchase?
  94. season one custom ball texture pack
  95. Can't download table packs 15 and 16 after season 2 pass purchase
  96. Just bought the vita need help
  97. PS Vita - Bug "Lost connection to the playstation network" message
  98. Vita crash after gameplay
  99. Dear F.S. can this be fixed
  100. PS Vita - Bug Crash when trying to open Dr. Dude
  101. PS Vita "Super Patch"
  102. Recompense for Vita Owners
  103. Nerf Armor Vita Case
  104. $10 season 1 and 2 pro upgrades on PSN store.
  105. Unofficial Vita Patch Changelog
  106. General interface and core game suggestions for upcoming patch(es)
  107. Capacitive touch buttons for portrait view
  108. Question for the Vita board
  109. GAMEPLAY on Vita tables!
  110. PS Vita 100% Trophy Club
  111. Season three
  112. So did they give up on S3 for vita?
  113. Bug PSN Tournament Jun20-Jun27
  114. Hey guys!
  115. Twilight Zone Issue
  116. PS Vita - Request Challenges Mode
  117. PSN sale on now!
  118. So how broken are today's tables?
  119. Dynamic lighting
  120. Downloading!
  121. Expected release date compared to iOS?
  122. Where is Season 4 on the Vita?
  123. Whats required for T2 Pinball on Vita?
  124. Season 1 & 2 are $5 off on PSN, but still no Season 4...
  125. Table Goals disappeared
  126. New facebook pinball group (welcome to join)
  127. Vita update downloading!
  128. Kickstarter download fail :(
  129. So against my better judgement I bought the new tables
  130. PS Vita - Request Season for pass for Europe?
  131. Purchased Season 2 Pass - no download
  132. NA Vita Update Failing
  133. PS Vita missing tables season 4
  134. Season 5
  135. Leaderboards Working!
  136. Leaderboard Issues
  137. Portrait controls!!!
  138. Leaderboards not working
  139. PS Vita - Request Have "X" button enter a letter for scores on ALL tables
  140. Leaderboard sign in problem still not fixed
  141. Future releases
  142. Certain PS Vita tables crash when selecting Dr Who/Glo-Balls skins.
  143. "Fake scores" on Friends leaderboards PS Vita
  144. PS Vita - Request Screen rotation mode in Options (VITA-specific)